We watch a lot of Supernatural….probably more than is good for us. One day after watching a few episodes I turn to Steve(he will deny this and claim that it was all his idea) and I say “I have just had an apostrophe. Lighting has just struck my brain!!”. I then related the amazing idea that I had had that we should put our talents as writer(that’s me)and artist(that’s him) to a completely ridiculous use and create this blog/page/thingy as a place to poke fun at Supernatural. On a more serious note, we also will be doing our own Supernatural comic as we are both rather displeased with the comics that are available out there. We will update more on that soon so if you are a Supernatural fan, stay tuned. We are not out to step on any toes, this is all for fun and we claim no rights to Supernatural or any of that other legal mumbojumbo. We are just fans that want to play in the Supernatural universe.

Steven & Autumn




2 Responses to About

  1. Nice job so far. I love your sense of humor. Please keep it up. Hopefully, you get tons of followers. 😀

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