Who Was Chuck?


While re re re rewatching the Season 5 finale I was hit with a pretty strong theory on the whereabouts of God in the whole mess of things.  Since God is Trinity with 3 equal parts and Supernatural is all kinds of crazy about interpreting scripture/theology in inventive ways.  Let’s say that they are 3 separate beings: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

The angels have always said that their Father has left the building.  What if they are referring to him as not only their Father as in creator but as in the Father part of God?  That would imply that there are still 2 more parts out there, Son and Holy Ghost.  Now if Father is missing who exactly keeps interfering?  Joshua said that God was interfering more than he has in a long time, what if the part of God that is interfering and keeping and eye on things is actually the Holy Ghost?

That would mean that there is still the Son out there.  Now this is what just hit me like a to of bricks while watching the Season 5 finale…wait for it…almost there…CHUCK IS JESUS, THE SON.

Now I have possible proof to back this up with.

1.  the woman he is expecting on the phone when Dean calls is Miss Magda…Lady Magdalene

2.  Jesus never interfered, he could have stopped his execution, but he allowed humanity to make the call.

3.  While Jesus was on earth, he told stories of how we should act as human beings, doing the right thing…Chuck writes about sam and Dean, ultimately doing the right thing.

4.  He said that endings were hard, his father wrote an ending that ended humanity, that the boys rewrote in the eleventh hour.

6.  In the current season, 8, Cas seems pretty passive about Chuck being a prophet, like he knows something.

7.  Chuck as a character has always seemed a little more than Chuch the Prophet.

I am sure there are more, I could spend all night thinking about this, but I have comics that I need to draw or DC will never find out about me and ask me to draw Supernatural.

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